Kid Made June 12 2019, 0 Comments

One of my Kickstarter Backers, mentioned that he backed our project because his “daughter has an interest in sewing (she is 10 and wants to be a fashion designer) and there is really no place for kids to learn this skill.” First of all, what a great dad! Second, Amen! I had Home Ec in school and I believe it was only about 4 weeks long, but the best 4 weeks of my schooling. I was never talented in drawing, writing or playing instruments, but sewing was one of those creative arts where, with a little hard work and help from others, being good at it was totally achievable. Sadly, I think we all know too well that sewing classes are practically nonexistent these days. This is why Made is hoping to work with neighboring communities and schools to create after school sewing lessons for students at an affordable rate. We want a place for students to come and have fun! Not just a summer camp, although there will be plenty of those for sure, but something to do during the school year. Because you know, summer is really only 3 months long and there’s a lot of sewing that can be done the other 9 months of the year! Our dream is to start off small, and host after school open sew time with students from 3-5. Later, we want to increase our outreach and create a roving sewing studio that can go to schools and teach in the classroom. A lofty goal I know, but we are as passionate about the young sewer as we are about the adult ones! So keep a look out for us…we’ll be in your neighborhood soon!