Kids On-Site Learning

Welcome to Made's after school programming! 

Made has been offering comprehensive, engaging and exciting after-school programming throughout the Seattle area since 2011. We are very excited to announce that for the 2022-2023 school year Made will be offering a limited number of onsite and virtual creative arts options! To learn more about our programs click on the links below. If you are interested in Made coming to your school or community please email us at Note: Registration for this calendar year will be limited and we strongly encourage schools to register sooner than later.


The Art of Business

Have you ever wondered how businesses get started? How a simple idea can become a thriving business? In this club, from start to success, we are going to walk your little entrepreneur through the creative process of starting a business. Made has been in business since 2011, and let me tell you, we have had a lot of ups, downs, successes, failures, and everything in-between. We want to help other creative entrepreneurs start their businesses with as much success as Made has had. Kids will explore idea generation, business planning, budgeting, funding, marketing, finding your clientele, ethical business practices, customer service, and so much more.  They will learn how to run a business with a strong ethical and inclusive mindset to not only further their own journey, but also their communities at large.

 Kids do not need experience, but we will be requesting during registration a simple description of what they would like to do as a business (they can have more than one idea, as well). The description doesn’t need to be incredibly detailed as we will be exploring topics during club. However, we will be grouping students into like minded and similar age pods to create the best synergy for imagination and growth. Please email me at with any questions.


Hand Embroidery

In this club we explore the fine art of embroidery and hand sewing. Embroidery has been around for centuries and you would be hard pressed to not find it in every nook and cranny of your house!  Kids will learn common embroidery and hand sewing machines through a selection of fun and exciting projects. We won’t be doing any boring stitch books, this is all about learning through creative and fun projects like constellations, sun bursts, monogramming and much more. We will of be mixing this with useful skills like mending and string stitches to hand sew when you don’t have a sewing machine. No experience necessary.



Machine Sewing

In this club we use both our hands and our handy machines to make oodles of fun projects that may include emojis, pajamas, aprons, messenger bags, zipper totes, infinity scarves, monsters and much, much, more. On the first day of class we survey our young sewists to come up with projects that are both fun and challenging for their experience level and interest. No experience necessary and all supplies/fun will be provided.


The Science of Art

In this club we ask our favorite question: How is it made? As we create and learn, we not only explore how we make art, but also what goes on behind the scenes. Kids will learn experimental artistic methods as they investigate mediums such as paint, sculpture, book arts, printmaking, and more. This unique experience is enhanced by learning the science and engineering behind how these methods contribute to an artistic creation. Varied projects include making clay, creating musical instruments, marbling paper, and even learning how to use the projects made earlier in the quarter to create more art! No experience necessary.


Yarn Arts

In this class we will do a host of different projects ranging from loom knitting, finger knitting, weaving, pom-pom making, and hand embroidery. Children will make a variety of different projects throughout the session. Most projects are designed be completed within the hour or the project is one that can be continue on their own. No previous experience is required, but it will be taken into consideration when choosing projects.