Meet Your Teachers!


Founder, Queen of Shenanigans, Instructional Guru, Resident Cat Lover. Super Power: Seam Ripping.

A bit about me: I have been sewing since I was 5. My mother and grandmother taught me as a last resort to occupy my curiously annoying habit of taking everything apart. I have a Bachelor of Art in Arts Management from Columbia College, a Graduate Degree in Costume Design from the London College of Fashion, and a Master of Education from Seattle University. And what does all that education mean, you ask? It means my debt-to-educational-achievement-ratio is askew, and I am quite possibly over-educated to the point of never being able to obtain a job that will pay off my student loan debt. Dear Gov, I probably won't pay those off. Love, Carisa. So, instead, I started my own little slice of heaven to work at using all my degrees. #winning





Director of Crafting Shenanigans, Instructional Guru, Resident Bagpiper. Super Power: Glue Guns.

A bit about me: I have always been in love with crafting-- I have done all sorts ever since I was young! I began sewing by helping my mom make my dancing outfits when I was doing Scottish Highland dancing as a young girl. I did a lot of hand sewing and embroidery after that, even making special custom outfits for a teddy bear. I also enjoy crochet, knitting, and all things with yarn. Small projects like weaving, pom pom animals, and finger-knitting are my specialty! I love teaching crafty arts to others and getting to create new and exciting projects for my students. 





Director of East Side Sewing Shenanigans, Instructional Guru, Resident Gaming Geek. Super Power: Ironing.

A bit about me: When I was in college, I spent two weeks one summer with my sister Jill. She showed me how to use her Singer Featherweight sewing machine. Then she showed me a quilt she was working on, and I was hooked. Quilting is my first love, I enjoy playing with fabric and patterns. I also belong to the Seattle Modern Quilt guild. Costuming and cosplay are a very close second. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I love going to conventions, for gaming, comics or anime and seeing all the different costumes that people make. I like to say that sewing is like science we learn as much from our mistakes as we do our successes (sometimes more).





Instructional Guru, Photographer Extraordinaire, Resident Social Media Mastermind. Super Power: Vintage Thrifting. 

A bit about me: I have been sewing since a  very young age and I inherited the skill through four generations of sewists on my mom’s side of my family. Since I don’t have kids of my own (and my cat doesn’t seem to have any interest in learning,) I enjoy teaching sewing and crafts to other people’s kids. In college I majored in Apparel Design, and these days I love to design and sew costumes and accessories for my Etsy shop. If I go missing, I can be found in the following places: Digging through attics and basements at estate sales looking for forgotten vintage fabric stashes or at the junk store in the craft section picking out the oldest patterns I can find for inspiration. Speaking of vintage sewing patterns, Carisa recently put her collection way up high to “make more space in the studio” but I know she really just wanted them out of my reach. 




Assistant Instructional Guru, Intern Wrangler. Super Power: Secret Sewing.

A bit about me: I actually was once a student, just like your children! Carisa taught me to sew a few years ago. Eventually, I became an intern where I learned advanced sewing and how to teach classes. Now I am an assistant and help teach! When I am not sewing amazing projects (like my favorite button up blouse), I love playing lacrosse, playing the guitar, and creating new crafts. I also love watching young students, just like me, learn how to sew and fall in love with the art form.