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Phone: 206-552-9632
 124 N 103rd St., Suite A
Seattle, WA 98133

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Due to COVID-19 Studio hours vary week to week. To ensure that we are available to assist you, please email us to check studio availability.


What We Are All About 

"I want to create a place for people to sew, feel welcome, and have fun. I want to create a place where if you mess up, instead of screaming so loud in frustration that your neighbors call the cops, you can look around and someone is there to laugh with you and help you get it right. I have sewn for over 30 years, and to this very day, I've continually sewn things backwards, upside down, inside out, or the wrong way entirely. EVERY TIME. It's really quite embarrassing. Yet it makes me a better teacher and sewist." -- Carisa Brunner, Owner

Our goal is quite simple: to empower individuals to broaden their skills and creativity in the wearable arts by providing an accessible, educational, and superior sewing space. We celebrate the art of sewing by creating experiences that will inform, inspire, and show individuals how to transform wearable art into a unique and personalized expression of their own.Made is a full-scale sewing studio and educational space, equipped with sewing machines, sergers, dress forms, large cutting tables, and an abundance of sewing knowledge and gadgets. We teach classes for a multitude of sewing levels to ensure you have a grasp of the required knowledge to work on your own and we excel in techniques and skills that will take you beyond a basic level. We believe that once you learn how to sew you are just beginning to understand and master one of the most demanding, fulfilling, and inspiring crafts.

Made has:

  • Brother and Janome sewing machines and sergers
  • Irons and associated accouterments
  • Large cutting tables
  • Dress forms in many sizes
  • Basic sewing notions (i.e. measuring tape, rulers, pins, chalk, ironing tools, etc.)
  •  Advice, education, and help from qualified staff when you need it.
  • A self-instructed sewing library.
  • A variety of wearable art classes for kids and adults.
  • After School Sewing Programs
  • Special and Private Sewing Events