Coming Soon June 12 2019, 0 Comments

OK, I'm doing it, I'm putting it out to there, Seattle you will be getting a sewing studio in the near future! Are you excited, cause I sure am! Made Studios will be a one stop sewers dream come true. The studio will offer a spacious sewing areas with professional sewing equipment, high-quality fabric/notions,available educational staff, and classes that will focus on an array of wearable art skills and knowledge. Made Studios not only wants to give sewers the space and equipment they need, but also provide the education and mentorship to expand their skills as artisans. So what does all that mean you ask?
  1. You never have to cut fabric on your living room floor again.
    • Thus saving your back, health care costs and fees for replacing carpets that you accidentally pined and cut
    • You won't have to clean.
      • Ok, well you won't have to make the choice between dusting before you sew and sewing while sneezing. Because you don't know which you hate more sneezing or dusting.
      • You no longer have to be called "mean" for making a guest sleep on the couch because you don't want to clean your sewing room.
        • Saving countless dollars on "I'm sorry" cocktails for the guest.
        • You don't have to explain to your significant other why the guest room has to be yours for sewing and not their stuff.
          • Saving you numerous arguments and conciliatory demands such as a ManDen or unfortunate wagon wheel coffee table furnishings in your living room (two points to you if you name that movie!)
          • You have a community at your fingertips to talk about sewing till you are blue in the face!
              • Meaning you won't have to see that look of "OMG are we STILL talking about this" on your friend's faces.
              So in conclusion, going to Made gives you; better health, lower heathcare costs, your deposit back on your apartment, allergy resolution, saves you valuable cocktail cash, keeps people from saying you are mean, saves friendships, halts sewing related arguments with S.O.s, introduces you to cool people, leaves your house appropriately decorated, and saves kittens (wait, how did that one get in there). So we are in the process of raising funds, picking a neighborhood, and buying cool stuff for our new little sewing place. To keep in the know, visit us here, twitter, or at to see how we are progressing!