Interactive Online Learning



See that fabulous group of ace teachers up there? They can't wait to teach you! At Made we are dedicated to teaching you and we realize it's not always easy to meet in person. Well, that's not going to stop you and it certainly won't stop us from sewing, crafting and creating together! We are so pleased to offer a variety of interactive online learning experiences for all ages and levels of knowledge. If you are ready to learn, we have a teacher ready to guide you on the way to a finished project that you can't wait to say "I MADE this."


Kids Online Learning:

These classes are meant for our young ones. The ones that are just getting a taste for sewing and crafting. We will have both live interactive sessions that will take place over a series of weeks as well as stand alone project videos that they can pause and also watch over and over. 

Adult/Teen Online Learning (Summer 2020):

These classes are meant for our older audience. Be it just starting out or wanting to know more advanced techniques we offer a variety of different types of courses and helpful videos to get you going and ready to face your next project.

Private Lessons:

These one hour sessions are perfect for problem solving. We pair you with an expert sewist/crafter in your field. What does that mean? If you want to learn a certain type of sewing, such as quilting, we don't pair you with a garment sewist, we pair you with one of our top notch and seasoned quilters. We can help you with anything from a broken machine and knitting to hemming a couture dress and wacky costumes. We got you. 

Group Lessons:

Sometimes we want to work with more than one person. There is a certain comfort in knowing you aren't alone. In group sessions you and a friend can learn together whatever your heart desires. Or, we can pair you up with someone you don't know so you can learn something new but all know, you aren't alone in how confusing sewing and crafting can be. 


Anyone who know us know that we always say, sewing is a lonely sport. Really, all crafts can be. We want to bring our community together not just to learn but to have fun! So, every other Friday night we will get together (online) and sew and craft and gossip and get to see new and old faces. Commiserate over mistakes and most importantly, celebrate victories. Join us!