Kids Online Learning

Welcome to our new Virtual Classroom for Kids! We know it’s hard to be at home and not be able to get your craftiness groove on, so now we are coming to a screen near you! With a combination of weekly live virtual classes and standard online videos we will soon build oodles of ways for your child to learn new crafts.

We are starting small with two of our very popular programs, The Science of Art and Yarn Arts. But don’t worry, sewing is in your future!


Live Streaming Classes

  • Session Length: There are 5 classes per session and 4 choices for time. Class begin the week of May 11th, 2020
  • Class Times: Class lasts approximately 60-75 minutes
  • Age and Experience: We welcome students 7 years of age and up.
  • Equipment: We will provide you a list of supplies that you need. If you would like to make it easier you may purchase one of our kits with supplies that are not readily available at home. They can be picked up at our studio prior to the beginning of the class (curbside)
  • Pricing: $100


The Science of Art: Live Classroom

Let’s dive into the exciting worlds of Art and Science! In this club we ask our favorite question: How is it made? As we create and learn, we not only explore how we make art, but also what goes on behind the scenes. Kids will learn experimental artistic methods as they investigate mediums such as paint, sculpture, book arts, printmaking, and more. This unique experience is enhanced by learning the science and engineering behind how these methods contribute to an artistic creation. Varied projects include making clay, creating musical instruments, marbling paper, and even learning how to use the projects made earlier in the quarter to create more art! No experience necessary.

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Yarn Arts: Live Classroom

Welcome to the Amazing World of Yarn! You wouldn’t believe all you can do with yarn, thread, and your tiny hands. In this class we will do a host of different projects ranging from loom knitting, finger knitting, weaving, pom-pom making, and hand embroidery. Children will make a variety of different projects throughout the session. Most projects are designed be completed within the hour or the project is one that can be continue on their own. No previous experience is required, but it will be taken into consideration when choosing projects.

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Online Courses and Projects

Coming to a screen near you soon!