New Summer Kids Camp! Summer Wardobe Series June 12 2019, 0 Comments

Hello Darlings! We decided to switch things up and add another new camp for the kids. Can't wait to see all the fun sewing shenanigans they get up to!


Kids Summer Camp: Summer Wardrobe Series (3 Day Camp)

We thought this summer we would put a special twist on our popular pajama party camp! This time around we are not only making PJ bottoms but also a cute little PJ top to go with it! In this class the girls will learn basic sewing techniques through making a pair of PJ bottoms (shorts, capri or long, whatever they like) as well as a cute little tank top and a travel pillow with hidden pocket to hide all their goodies.



Special Summer Camps Sale! June 12 2019, 0 Comments

In honor of our very first week of summer camps we are having a special %15 off on all kids summer camps! Use the discount code "Happy Summer"

Oh another note...

I leave our Dinosaur mascots Rexy and Wooly alone for TWO seconds and they are already trying on the kids tank tops we are making today. Sigh. Dino's these days, just can't take them anywhere...


In honor or our first day of camps we are doing a sale! 15% off all kids camps. Better hurry, we don't have any spots left! Use the code "HappySummer"

New Summer Camps for Aug31st - Sept 4th June 12 2019, 0 Comments

Did you know that the kids have an extra week of summer break this year? Whaaaat….well we didn’t either! Thus we have added another week of fun sewing classes for the kids to enjoy. Yeah for extra summer fun!


Aug 31-Sept 1: Pjs & Pillows Camp



Sept 2: Teens Class: Hollyburn Skirt (11 & Up)


Sept 3: Infinity Scarves & Circle Skirt



Sept 4: Birdie Bag