Sewing Sewcial Night

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Location: Made Sewing Studio: 124 N 103rd St. Suite A, Seattle WA 98133

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Sewcial is going on vacation for the summer but will be back in the fall! Have a lovely summer!

Come on down to the studio for a blissful evening of crafting, sewing, chatting with your friends, and meeting new people. Have a wonderful time in a space where you don't have to sew on the dining room table, cut fabric on the carpeted floor, or suffer alone if things go wrong. At Sewcial, when you curse your project, other people can hear you...and get it. 

Please note: You MUST register for Sewcial as there is limited space. If no one signs up, we stay home and watch TV on our couches <3. 

What is Sewcial?

A place for sewists to sewcialize, and geek out on our love of sewing and crafting. From a friend encouraging you to not give up and assuring you that you are doing just fine, to a friend helping you get past a tricky part of your project. We are here. Bring snacks, bring beverages, bring projects, bring yourselves and your beautiful energy. 


In honor of all that we have been through in the last 4 years, Sewcial will be a free get together that takes place second and fourth Friday of the month. Instead of paying moolah, we want you to go out into your community and find ways to donate your skill and passion to better it. We don't need to know what you do; we know you will, because you're awesome!


A staff member will be on site to help you get set up and to give help and advice on your project (within reason, of course).

Snackage and Boozeahol:

BYOB and Snacks/Drinks to share or keep to yourself. 

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