Studio Memberships

Why get a memberships, you ask?

Maybe you are working on a large project and think you will be in the studio more than 6 hours. Maybe, you have your own small business selling fabulously hand made items and need space to spread out and equipment to help get that professional look you need. Or maybe, you just want some social sewing time. Whatever the reason, sometimes you need more than a few hours in the studio to get your sewing groove on and it makes more sense to get a membership.  

Each Membership is designed to fit your needs. Weekday and Weekend Memberships are a "choose your own adventure" style. Since we don't always have the same schedule, you can pick the days of your "week" or "weekend" that means, maybe you weekend is Tuesday and Wednesday, or your week actually starts on a Wednesday, no worries, you can personalize your own week or weekend.