Sewing Patterns

  We want to be your go to place to get hard to find independent sewing patterns from around the world and we are adding more and more every day. Know a pattern you have been lusting after and want us to carry it? Shoot us an email and we will see what we can do!


Vintage Sewing Patterns (USA)



Colette Patterns (Portland, USA)



Sewaholic Patterns (Canada)


ModKid Patterns (USA)

Victory Patterns (Canada)


Cake Patterns (Canada) 



Deer&Doe Patterns (France)


Thread Theory (Canada)

Sewing Fun


As I'm sure you have gathered, we like to have a lot of fun here at Made. This includes making fun of sewing and how crazy we can be about it. From our catty commentary our posters were born. If you want one, send us an email and we can make that happen!


Keep Calm Poster (11x17)


Friends Poster (11x17)


Hot Glue Poster (11x17)


Hot Glue Poster (11x17)


Sewn In Poster (11x17)