School Based Science of Art Program


Let’s dive into the exciting worlds of Art and Science! In this club we ask our favorite question: How is it made? As we create and learn, we not only explore how we make art, but also what goes on behind the scenes. Kids will learn experimental artistic methods as they investigate mediums such as paint, sculpture, book arts, printmaking, and more. This unique experience is enhanced by learning the science and engineering behind how these methods contribute to an artistic creation. Varied projects include making clay, creating musical instruments, marbling paper, and even learning how to use the projects made earlier in the quarter to create more art! No experience necessary.


The Details:

Each Club Session is specially tailored to your school dismissal time and academic calendar.

  • Session Length: There are eight to ten classes per session based on your schools academic calendar.
  • Class Times: Class lasts approximately 90 minutes and begins based on your school's dismissal time.
  • Age and Experience: We welcome students 7 years of age and up. No prior sewing experience is necessary.
  • Equipment: We provide all instruction, sewing machines, supplies, and fabric. School's provide a space for up to 12 students.
  • Pricing: Pricing depends on the weeks within a session and the number of participants. We also offer scholarships for students in need.