Private/Group Online Lessons

At Made we are dedicated to teaching you and sometimes you can't come into the studio. So, we are going to come to you! You can now sign up with one of our experienced teachers and take online lessons! As you know, all our teachers have their own specialties from many different types of sewing and crafting. All you have to do is pick a teacher that makes you excited to learn and book an hour long session with them! 

It doesn't matter what you want to learn, we will make sure you get the right teacher and the quality education that you deserve. From designing and pattern making to crafting projects, our teachers will be right there supporting you. In addition, they will be teaching from their homes and our studio so you will get to see a variety of different workrooms and tools you probably didn't even know existed! Sign up today and join Made in our new virtual classrooms! 

To sign up for a private or group lesson please contact us at



Founder, Garment Sewist, Class Instructor 


I'm the teacher that will give you the support, humor, and laughter you need to start, problem solve, create, and finish your wishlist projects without crying (mostly). My specialty is in sewing prototyping, pattern making, garment sewing, costuming, and general sewing education. 

I have been sewing since I was a tiny 5 year old tornado of energy. I have advanced degrees but the majority of my sewing knowledge is from "Carisa's School of Hard Knocks". Meaning, it doesn't matter how many schools I went to, you can't possibly do the terrible things I have done to fabric. In fact, I dare you to (mostly for my own amusement.)

I have a B.A. in Arts Management from Columbia College in Chicago, a Graduate Degree in Costume Design from the London College of Fashion in London (UK), and a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instructional Design from Seattle University in Seattle. But mostly, I've done everything you have ever accidentally done to a sewing project… and survived. 



School Crafts Coordinator, Class Instructor


I'm the teacher that will get you through that Pinterest project gone wrong. You know, the one that looked so easy and then you realize they left out half the instructions? I’ll be there to walk you through that hand sewing fail or hot glue nightmare and come out on the other side with a project you will be proud of! I love children and specialize in crafting, knitting, sewing, and all things fun.

I have always been in love with crafting-- I have done all sorts ever since I was young, and I can't stop! I began sewing by helping my mom make my dancing outfits when I was doing Scottish Highland dancing as a young girl. I did a lot of hand sewing and embroidery after that, even making special custom outfits/kilts for animals. At Made I am the Craft Coordinator which means I get the extreme pleasure to create new projects for kids/adults to get their craft on without the struggle of trying to figure it out on their own.



Quilter, Embroiderer, Class Instructor



I’m the teacher who gets you through the crazy world of machine embroidery and quilting. My first profession was as a librarian, so I have more patience than you can imagine, and you wouldn’t believe my research skills! If you have a question, I’m gonna find an answer. The more complicated the design, the more fun I have. My favorite part of my job as a teacher is watching my students overcome issues and succeed in their goals. I also love long, romantic walks on the beach.

I have been doing high end machine embroidery and complex creative quilting for over 15 years and own my own fabulous business called Domesticated Diva where I sell my own designs. I also have a bevy of experience in beading, digital cutting, and fabric dying -- and long, romantic walks on the beach. (Can you tell she let Carisa write her bio?)



Quilter, Costumer, Class Instructor



I'm the teacher who will help you with all things quilting and costuming. Sewing is like science. We learn as much from our mistakes and experimentation as we do our successes (sometimes more). What we need is someone who has already run that experiment, and that's me. I don't give up on a project and I won't let you either!

Quilting will always be my first love, but costuming is a close second. I am a geek and a gamer and have created cosplay outfits for myself and my son for years. I have been a costumer for community theatre, ballet and opera companies, and Disney World.  So, let me tell you, I’ve seen things that can’t be unseen done to costumes. Shudder. Let me help you quilt and costume your heart out!