Free Online Assistance

Dear Made Family,

I built Made to be a community where sewists and likeminded artisans could come together to learn and have a sense of family. As I say to my students often, community isn’t always where we live, but it is always where our heart lives. With everything going on right now, a wave of fear and longing for social connection has come upon us. We need each other more than ever before.
Going forward, Made will be introducing three FREE ways we can connect with one another:

Monday’s with Made
Dear Made, Advice for you
Parent Lessons

All of these opportunities are completely free and our teachers have generously donated their time to help you succeed. The only thing we ask in return is the same request we always have of our students:

As you learn new skills, please use your knowledge to create something for your community.

From medical masks to animal blankets, there is always something to create that can be given with love. Now, more than ever, is the time to use our skills to create and to share with others. Put your skills where your heart is.

Be well my friends,




We know that you want to sew like a champ but might struggle in figuring out your project. It is hard to find information when you don't know what you are looking for. Starting March 30th, we will provide 30 minute Zoom (online) appointments at no cost. These sessions will provide you the opportunity to ask our teachers about everything from setting up machine, pattern reading, fabric choices, and “I’m not sure what I did” problem solving.

Appointments are scheduled online HERE and are open to both adults and children.



We know how tricky sewing can be, so we created “Dear Made” -- a fun new video blog. Email us and ask your sewing/crafting questions. Once a week, we’ll answer your emails and post a video of a question that is best learned visually. Write to us, even if it's just a funny story, a success story, or – gulp -- a crafting-gone-wrong horror story.

Submit your questions to



Many of you have young sewists at home who are at different ability levels. Although you would love to help, you might not be able to because you don't sew. This class will help you become comfortable supporting their sewing journey. Each 45-minute session will help you problem solve and share tips and techniques to help your young sewist succeed. You might learn a thing or two about sewing as well!

Schedule a session HERE to chat us up. Bring a friend or your child if you like!