Parent Night Out!

All Sewing Levels

Location: Leilani Studio

$ 65.00


Doesn't multiple hours aaaaaaaall to yourself sound amazing? Like you could, read or shop or eat without someone's hands in your food? Wouldn't that be lovely? We thought so! So once a month it's ALL about you. You can drop you little critters off and we will do a host of projects from crafting and knitting to sewing and other shenanigans as we think of fun new things for them to get create. We even eat Pizza!

We will begin the evening with design challenges using our dressforms and a plethora of fun fabrics so the kids can engage socially with each other. We will do sewing/crafting safety and then jump into an exciting project. The project will be chosen several days before and will be designed to be competed in the time we have together. Halfway through the evening, we eat Pizza! And then it's right back back to crafting and sewing for the rest of the evening! 

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