Virtual Lesson - Carisa Brunner

Made Sewing Studio

$ 40.00



Classes will be held via zoom and your invitation will be sent out once you have signed up. We are often available on other dates and times so please feel free to email us at if you need another time. Let's do this! 



I'm the teacher that will give you the support and laughter you need to start, finish and figure out what you have done to your projects without crying (mostly.) My specialty is in garment sewing, costuming, prototyping, education and all-around fun. We are in this craft together, so let's make art and a whole lot of fun. I am your sewing therapist.

I have been sewing since I was 5. I do have degrees, but I tend to say the majority of my sewing knowledge is from "Carisa's School of Hard Knocks". Meaning, it doesn't matter how many schools I went to, you can't possibly do the terrible things I have done to fabric. In fact, I dare you to (mostly for my own amusement.) I have a B.A. in Arts Management from Columbia College in Chicago, a Graduate Degree in Costume Design from the London College of Fashion in London (UK), and a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instructional Design from Seattle University in Seattle. But mostly, I've done everything you have every accidentally done to a sewing project and survived.  

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