Adv. Beginner Machine Sewing 10wk/Series (Mondays)

Kids After School Program

Location: Made Sewing Studio: 124 N 103rd St. Suite A, Seattle WA 98133

$ 250.00

Let's take it to the next level!  Throughout the classes, students learn more advanced skills such as pattern cutting, pattern reading, alterations, new fabrics and completing a variety of fun projects. Each series of classes introduces new creative opportunities- so there is always something to learn! Each student will work on their own project that they personally choose. The first week we will talk about choosing designs, finding patterns, how to choose fabric that lends itself to both our pattern as well as the style we are wanting to create. The second week we work on reading patterns and cutting our fabric out as a group. After that, it's off to the races and each child will go at their own pace with both their teachers and their peers. It's time to take off to the next sewing adventure! 


Please note that this is for intermediate to advanced students who have taken multiple MADE classes and are very comfortable with using the machine and making projects. 

Day: Mondays: 10 weeks starting September 26th - December 5th (No Class Thanksgiving Week)

Time: 3:30-5:00 OR 4:00-5:30

Age of Student: Students who have taken prior after school sewing classes with Made.

Classroom Location: Made Sewing Studios (124 N 103rd St, Suite A)

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